Frequently Asked Questions

Booklist FAQ’s

How do I place an order

If we are your school’s nominated booklist service provider then please refer to your school’s instruction sheet, which will be the front page of your booklist handout.

If your school is not listed choose & select the items available and add them to your cart


What payment options are available

Visa or Mastercard is accepted as well as Afterpay.


How do I check on the status of my order

When your order is received by us we send you an order confirmation email with a unique order number.  You can track this order at any time by visiting our website.


How will I know my booklist order is completed

Each “Pick Up” order will receive an SMS/TEXT message when ready for collection

If you opt to have your order “Delivered” you will receive an SMS/TEXT message on dispatch


How long will it take to process my order

Back-to-school time is a very busy time in our warehouse, we aim to have a 14 day turn-around from time of order receipt to time of SMS/TEXT notification


Can I place an order over the phone

Our staff can assist you with placing an order via phone, please call our office 4696 8111


Missing Items

Any claims for missing items or incorrect picking of an item must be made within 14 days of receipt of your order.  No claims will be honoured after this time.


What if an item is out of stock

If we have a booklist supply agreement with your school, we will place an out of stock notification in with your order and also liaise with the school to have it delivered to the classroom.  We will label any items with the student name and will also send a notification text so you can follow it up with your child. 

If we do not have a supply agreement with your school, we will let you know when the item is back in stock or offer a refund.


Product Substitution

If a stationery item is unavailable it may be substituted with an equivalent item of the same or greater value and at no expense to the customer.



Items may be returned for a refund or exchange at any time up to 15 February or two weeks from date of purchase (whichever is later).  Items must be in new condition and proof of purchase is required.

Refunds or exchanges will only be made after this time on items that are faulty, or in other cases at the sole discretion of The Study Store.


My school is not listed

Please tell your school Business Manager or P & C Committee about One Stop Stationery, we welcome the opportunity to grow our business with the local community


Shop Opening Hours

Thursday, Friday & Saturday

9am – 4pm